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Welcome To Your Design Center:
Planner Template Club

Turn heads and win raving fans with your brand. Your secret sauce isn't just in what you offer, but in the way you present it. It's all about wrapping your brand in irresistible charm and personality.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover When You Join the Planner Template Club Today…

Design Made Easy: Who said beautiful design has to be hard? With our templates, you’ll feel like a pro designer without any of the stress.

No Experience Required: Jump right in! You don't need to be a design guru to create stunning planners. We've got you covered.

Simplicity For Your Sanity: Say goodbye to complicated design processes. Our templates are all about making your life easier and your work more enjoyable.

Confidence in a Click: Every template is a confidence booster. With just a few clicks, you'll create something that looks like it took hours.

Easy To Use: Our user-friendly interface means you'll be crafting beautiful planners in no time, even if tech isn't your thing.

Build Your Brand: These templates are more than just tools; they're stepping stones to building a brand that truly reflects who you are and what you stand for.

Customized Results: Your brand, your way. Customize every aspect to match your unique style and message.

Stay on Trend: With new templates added every month, you'll always be on the cutting edge of design and style.

New Planner Templates Added Monthly: Never run out of fresh ideas or inspiration. Our monthly drops keep your content vibrant and engaging

Upvote Your Design Ideas: Have a say in the next big thing in planner design! Your votes bring your favorite ideas to the forefront, ensuring that the templates we create are exactly what you and your community crave.


With new monthly template drops, you've got endless options to refresh and revitalize your brand – the choice is all yours!

About The Authors

Kaci Brown & Rhonda Melogy

Kaci & Rhonda are obsessed with the simplest system and strategy to turn your dream into an everyday, pinch me reality because where in the world did we learn that business had to be complicated in order to be successful?

*By the way, we love it when our clients giggle when they say our name! We planned it that way! (wink)

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I don't have to do it all...

"Before working with Rhonda, my hand was in everything. Now that I have my team in place, I know my clients are taken care of and I don’t have to be doing every single step along the way.."

- Chelsie Hayes

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What's important...

“I think that what sets Rhonda and Kaci apart from a lot of other programs is they make it their business to really get to know you and find out what’s important to you. One size does not fit all. I feel seen and heard, like they are on my team.”

- Dr. Emily Stopper

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I am ready...

"After working with Kaci, I am equipped, encouraged, and enabled to take the next step in my business which means working one day a week and still hitting all of my financial goals."

- Malena Southworth


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No Brainer...

"With this system, I am saving 5 hours a week."

- Carol Jeffery


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Premium designer vibes, minus the hefty price tag – because who says you can't dazzle and delight while being budget-savvy at the same time? Make them wonder who’s on your design team!


Just In Time Bonus Pack:

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Canva Print Guide

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Canva Step By Step Video Tech Tutorial

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Mock Up Mastery

Q: What do I need to get started?

  • Device with Internet Access: To download clipart from our website.
  • Editing Software: You can use Canva's free plan, which is user-friendly and great for beginners, or any other graphic design software that supports PNG formats.
  • And of course the Planner Template Club: Sign up with us to gain access to our premium-tier templates to rebrand and resell. .

Q: Can I really just rebrand the templates and use them in my business?

  • Absolutely! You can definitely rebrand the templates and use them in your business for selling purposes. They are designed to be easily customizable, allowing you to infuse your own unique style and brand identity before offering them to your customers. It's a great way to add value to your business with minimal effort.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

  • You are in full control of your membership subscription and may cancel at any time.
  • When you join, you will receive instant access to Planner Template Club Hub. We've organized all the planner templates into easy to find categories. You may upgrade your monthly subscription to an annual pass at any time.
  • If you cancel your membership, you can rejoin at the current subscription rate. Each month, we will release new collections.
  • Please note that due to the nature of digital product access, we maintain a firm no-refund policy.
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You are in full control of your membership subscription and may cancel at any time.
Please note that due to the nature of digital product access, we maintain a firm no-refund policy.

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